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Classic Organic Farm has moved ... to Hawai`i !! Find us on FaceBook: Classic Organic ~ Hawai`i

Helmut Klauer, the Classic Organic Farmer, and H. Kathryn Lamat (aka "Nae Nae"), The Farmer's Wife, now reside on the SouthEast Coast of The Big Island, Hawai`i. Helmut is already farming-Hawai`ian style-making the most of the sun, rain, and raw materials that Paradise provides. Until we add Hawai`i pics and Journal entries to this long-standing website, the pics and journals here are from our former California farm.

On our half-acre "piece of the rock," in Hawai`i, we already have baby Valencia Oranges and baby Ruby Grapefruit in our citrus orchard, which includes Blood Orange, Kalamondin Lime, Satsuma Tangerine and Meiwa Kumquat trees. We also have an O.T.A. Avocado tree, 3 Banana trees, one 4-ft. tall papaya tree, 2 hills of papaya seedlings, and a Samoan Ulu (breadfruit) tree that grows noticeably each day! Young and growing are: Red Cherry Tomatoes, Lilikoi vine, Blackberry vines, Wild "Thimble berries," Hawai'ian Purple Sweet Potatoes and the familiar orange-colored Sweet Potatoes, Cilantro, a short/stubby variety of Carrots, New Zealand Spinach, and Green Beans.

Quicker than you can say Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (take your time ...), we expect to have more harvest than we can use and our road side stand will open!

The Classic Organic~Hawai`i fb page will be the new meeting place for all our loyal California customers, as well as our new Hawai`i customers. Our new, half-acre home has a fb page with pictures and descriptions regarding our move from Gaviota CA to Pähoa, Hawai`i. Find us at A`a Li`i Farm.

A`a Li`i are the little rootlets from which new growth begins ...

Aloha and Mahalo for finding us and following us.

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